Brigadeiro - Brazil's famous party treat!

No Brazilian kid's party is complete without Brigadeiro. If you grew up in a Brazilian household these gooey chocolate truffles are by now permanently imprinted into our psyche and inhabit the same side of your brain as motherly love. For this clip I recruited the help of some expert in Brigadeiro: KIDS! I know it's child labour, but they didn't seem to mind. The gorgeous looking children you can see here are my own (Olivia and Elvis) and Geoff and Tete's kids (Laura and Ben). They were real stars! Especially Ben, who speaks with a very grown up 'BBC presenter' tone.

This Brigadeiro recipe could not be simpler and it should make around 20 truffles.

Brazilian Brigadeiro Recipe:


  • 1 Can of Condensed Milk
  • 3 tbsp of Chocolate Drink Powder
  • 2 tbsp of butter

To decorate: (any of these)

  • Chocolate Vermicelli
  • Grated coconut (fresh of dessicated)
  • Caster sugar

How to prepare:

  • Pour the condensed milk into a medium saucepan and place over medium heat
  • Add the chocolate drink powder and butter and keep stirring your Brigadeiro mixture until it starts to show the bottom of the pan when you scrape it with your spoon. This is the only crucial bit to watch out for. As you scrape the bottom of your pan with the spoon, the Brigadeiro mixture should be thick enough to show you the bottom the pan for a couple of seconds before the mixture levels out again.
  • Pour the Brigadeiro mixture into a 5x3" Glass or Ceramic container (a deep soup dish will work too) and leave your Brigadeiro aside to cool. When the Brigadeiro mixture is at room temperature, you may place it in the fridge. Where it can stay for 3 to 4 days until you're ready to roll and serve them.
  • When you are ready to roll your Brigadeiros, remove the mixture from the fridge and scoop a small quantity (Brigadeiro size preferences vary wildly. I prefer mine a little smaller than golf balls).
  • To roll the Brigadeiro, spread a little butter in the palm of your hands, drop the dollop of Brigadeiro mixture in the palm of your hands and roll in between them until you have a smooth small ball.
  • Drop the Brigadeiro ball into a bowl containing your choice of topping and gently roll it around until it's totally covered.
  • Transfer your Brigadeiro to a mini cupcake cup.
  • It's quite customary to make Brigadeiros with several different toppings in each batch. Go wild!

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