Rice and Squid Brazilian style

This was such a good day for us in Rio. My friend Susan had told me about this group of musicians a few times before. Her and her husband Beto Felicio are great music lovers and have quite a few musician friends. Choro na Feira are a fabulous group of very experienced musicians and we were clearly not the only ones glued to their performance. And what a great idea. You go down to the market for some fresh products and get to hang around drinking some beer and eating some street snacks. Then we went up to Susan and Beto's place and took the longest time to prepare this very simple dish (this video thing is not easy you know). When we finally finished, lunch had turned to dinner and we had this invitation to joint Susan's neighbour Solange Fonseca, who makes beautiful decorative pieces using recycled materials (check our her site This was so typical or Rio: someone we never met before, inviting you for dinner with their family. Ok, so we had a big bowl of rice and squid and golden dendê prawns, but how nice of them.

We are immensely grateful to all of them.

I'll publish a proper recipe later, but there are no strict quantities. It will work whatever you decided to add.

Sound track by Choro na Feira, featuring, "Saudades do Muri”, written by Franklin da Flauta, performed by Choro na Feira. For more info visit their site

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