The secret to a perfect Picanha steak when abroad

Of course the very best way to have Picanha is having it sliced directly into your plate at some of the top Churrascarias in Rio, São Paulo or in one of the many big chains who have spread their reach over the USA (e.g. Fogo do Chão). Readers of this blog will know I have not yet found a single decent one in the UK (But there are many yet to visit - Managers, be prepared!) The second best method for cooking Picanha is 'Fatiada' (sliced). I.e. By cooking big fat steaks and slicing them before they come to the table. I have done that on both big and small events and people go wild for it. There's something about the sight of those little red slices that just make people salivate uncontrollably.

My good friend Malcolm Harris from has very kindly offered to sponsor this episode of CucaBrazuca provided I give his beef an good plug. I have no trouble with that, he's the only online butcher who actually brings his beef directly from the Argentinean Pampas. No ofense to the Scottish or New Zeland cows but those Argentinean cows have a much richer taste. So please do visit his site and grab yourself a chunck of this seriously good beef.

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