True feijoada experts

André is a typical Carioca: someone who will be your best friend in under 10 minutes. In all my years in the UK I have yet to find a Brit who's as generous with their friendship as the average Carioca (native of Rio de Janeiro). That's not a generalisation. Cariocas love to spread the joy, and Andrés particular brand of happiness comes from those lovely little black pulses we love so much, 'feijão preto' (black beans), especially when it comes in the form of a Feijoada, with all its extra trimmings, like Farofa, fried Cassava, shredded greens, deep fried lardons, etc. All moistened by Brazil's most famous cocktail - the Caipirinha.

The team of reviewers has a few regulars but other guests are always welcomed. They gather every friday or saturdays (depending on how far they have to travel) at a different establishment in Rio, or neighbouring cities, and order their standard feijoada. Guest know not to start until all the side dishes are in and they have been photographed for the blog. But after this brief moment of seriousness, the rest of the proceedings are as informal as any other Brazilian gathering. The bill is split equally by all members.

Over the last 2 years, Andre and his team of fearless foodies have clocked over 120 feijoadas and have no plans to stop. Black beans are very rich in iron and, as long as you don't go crazy with the deep-friend lardons, the meal is actually very healthy.

If you're planing on visiting Rio and you want to have a great feijoada, we recommend you check their blog before make any feijoada plans.

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