Aquarela do Brasil (Disney)

Aquarela do Brasil (Watercolour of Brazil) is a short animation made by Disney in 1942 as part of their feature 'Saludos Amigos'. It introduces the character of Carioca Joe, who never made it past beyond this point in the silver screen but it's still famous in comics in Brazil. He now goes by his Brazilian name 'Zé Carioca'.

It's interesting to see cartoon characters drinking cachaça and smoking cigars. I guess those were different times, when cars did not even have seat belts.

The real star of the piece is Ary Barroso's 'Aquarela do Brasil' an absolute classic of Brazilian music. It's a tune that keeps popping up everwhere. It inspired Terry Gillian to create his film 'Brazil' and is in the soundtrack for the latest Disney/Pixar feature 'Wall-E'.

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