GoGo Surprise Muffin

Now here's an idea I had for my children's bake sale! Most of the ladies of the PTA are fab cooks and home bakers, which puts me, probably the only dad at Beatrix Potter school in SW London who actually cooks, at a bit of a disadvantage: I probably can't bake cakes as well as they can. But I know what kids like and I'm crazy enough to do it. And so I came up with 'GoGo Surprise Muffins' ! Which are nothing other than some nice muffins (I used a recipe for red velvet cake from Rachael Allen's book) and my children's favourite craze: The GoGos. I stuffed them into the muffins and covered them with some American Icing.

If you never heard of these guys, you're either not a parent or very very impervious to peer pressure. They are a brilliant idea by a collectibles and game company called Magic Box. There are some 80 designs so far and you buy them in packs of 3 and play with them like one used to play with marbles. Excellent idea. And they're really cute and creative.

What they are NOT is soft and edible. So I will have to sign-post these really carefully or some children at the school might end up getting a premature visit from the tooth fairy :-)

Check out the images keep your fingers crossed that these will be a success at the school's bake sale.

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