3 top tips for BBQ'ing at a friend's house

When summertime hits London the supermarkets start stacking their shelves with BBQ tat and all manner of self-lighting lumpwood charcoal. Almost immediately after invitations for little impromptu BBQ parties start to pour into my email inbox. Most Brits would just happily turn up sporting a Tesco bag with the odd pack of sausages or burgers, but not me - no! no! Given half a chance I'd turn up with a huge chuck of Brazilian rump steak (Picanha) and roasted it on a spit in proper Brazilian Churrasco fashion, but when going to a friend's house I have to live with the fact they might not be as well equipped in the grill department as I am. So I have learned to adjust my expectations. My tip is: buy regular supermarket rump steaks (with as big a layer of fat as you can find), chop them up into rectangles and make little kebab-style skewers with some green and red peppers and some red onions. The skewers will grill really well on even the most modest of grills; they will be easy to eat (just bite the chunks straight off the skewer) and the combined price tag is fairly low. But oh so much better than burgers or cheap sausages!

A few points to look out for:

  1. Spiced with the basic Brazilian condiments: a rub made with black pepper, salt and garlic.
  2. Make sure you cut all the parts to the same height so the vegetables aren't taller than the meat or they will scorch the edges rather than cooking in the meat juices.
  3. Try to ensure every skewer has a few fatty pieces of rump to keep the whole thing nice and moist.

And by the way: if you really want to be remembered by one and all, take some Brazilian Cheesy Dough Balls!

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