Oxtail and Watercress


Definitely not for the squeamish among you. We are talking about a cut with plenty of bone and fat here. Hold on.... did you say 'bone and fat'? Aren't those the very elements that bring flavour to a cut of beef? But although people are fairly familiar with bones on joints and ribs, they might not be ok with something they're used to see dangling off the back end of a cow.

The last time I had this was a long long time ago at a very humble roadside cafe near my father-in-law's factory in the outskirts of Rio and it was quite delicious. The watercress's peppery bite offers a perfect accompaniment to the rich fatty meat that drips off the bone.

I won't be posting the recipe for this one yet. I think it calls for a little more testing (and a camera with shorter focus distance than my iPhone one - sorry about the blur). But for now I'll leave you with my first attempt.

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